3000 (+) Followers Givaway

There’s more of you every day for some reason ;). So, to thank my followers old and new for their support, I’m giving away some stuff. Here’s what you can get:

  • a copy of my "Sherlock after the Fall" Fanbook + a “Detective on the roof” postcard
  • a copy of my "30 Days of Johnlock" Fanbook + a “Detective on the roof” postcard
  • 2x a "Sherlock ABC" print + a “Detective on the roof” postcard + The Big Issue (#1084) featuring an interview with Benedict + promotional leaflets for 12 Years a Slave and Only Lovers Left Alive (both in German)
  • a “Sherlock ABC” print + a “Detective on the roof” postcard + a copy of Time Magazine (October 2013) with an interview with Ben  + promotional leaflets for 12 Years a Slave and Only Lovers Left Alive (both in German)
  • a drawing of a Sherlock scene of your choice in ink or pencil, size A4, motif to be negotiated

And here are the Rules:

  • REBLOG and/or LIKE this post. No need to spam your followers, though.
  • This is for my followers, so you have to be following me.
  • You must have your ask box open, and be willling to give me your address.
  • If you’re not of age, make sure your parents are okay with someone sending you stuff.
  • I will ship anywhere.
  • Giveaway ends February 19th 23:00 GMT+1
  • I’ll use the random number generator to pick the winners. First person picked is the first to choose something and so on until all the stuff is gone.  There will be six winners in total.

Good luck :)

Lovely things.




I never noticed the change in color tones before!

JW/SH- Dark warm tones and fire= Intimate, cozy, home. John feels comfortable here and so does the viewer. It also has a yellowish/goldish feel which tells us that they are being open with each other. They trust each other and are not keeping secrets here. They are both happy and content in this scene. 

MH/SH- Neutral tones no fire= shows the state of their relationship. Neither warm nor cold. Closest to reality, lack of emotion. 

IA/SH-  Rich red tones and fire= seductive, intimate, danger. Irene is playing with Sherlock’s emotions, trying to seduce him. The viewer is intended to be seduced along with Sherlock yet the bright white light from the lamp on Sherlock’s side might suggest he’s staying pure from her advances. The red also helps represent the sexual implications behind their conversation. 

SH/JM- Green tones, no fire= They’ve switched Sherlock into John’s chair, they are making Moriarty the dominant one. Green commonly represents growth, which could be describing Sherlock’s growth in knowledge about Moriarty’s plans. Green also represents evil and greed, I think you can figure out why that’s important here. The viewer is supposed to feel the fact that this situation is wrong wrong wrong! Going with the growth idea this could signify the start of something new: The Fall.  

JW- Cold, very blue no fire= Death, plain and simple. Shows the coldness of the home without Sherlock and John’s grief. Blue is thought to be a calming color but this shade suggests death rather than therapy. It’s almost like the tone is corpse, which has lost it’s color due to blood loss. 221B has lost it’s life and has turned colorless. Blue also shows trust, which could be a representation of John’s loyalty to Sherlock. This is the first time we see blue tones in 221B.  

I have a a lot of color feels now. Just another genius part of this show, how they use camera angles and color tones to show us exactly what we’re meant to be feeling. cries. 

I’m just going to sit in this corner now



Hi, as promised, here is my very first and very small giveaway. This is to thank all of my AMAZING followers(800+*dies*). I never thought I’d get more than 25 followers, to be honest.

I’m giving away:

One copy of Sherlock season 3 on DVD (region 2) click here for DVD regions and details


I’ve added

The Last Enemy DVD set (region1) see link above for DVD regions


Entertainment Weekly magazine with Sherlock on the cover


-You must be following me(benedict-the-cumbercookie), as this is a thank you to my followers, I will be checking.


-only reblogs count as an entry.

-your ask box must be open, so I can contact you if you win and you must be willing to give me your address so I can send it to you.

-first person that wins get first pick

-You have 48 hours to reply if you win. (you will get a pm). If I don’t hear back from you in 48 hours, your prize may be allocated to another person. *I will also post the winners urls on my blog.

-I will ship internationally but you may be liable for your own country’s import taxes. (I’m also not responsible if it’s lost in the mail, I don’t think it will happen but you never know)

-the winners will be picked by a random number generator.

-this giveaway is from January 7th until February 4th 2014.

-I will ship the prizes in early February (second week, hopefully)

-I reserve the right to change these rules if I have forgotten anything. (will reblog)





Here it is, as promised. My Happy New Year 2014 Giveaway. Not a huge giveaway by some standards, but a little something to show my appreciation for my followers who put up with my Khan spams, Ben perving and general randomness. You are all wonderful and I am grateful to you all for making tumblr a fun place to be and enjoying this journey with me!

OK, here’s what we’ve got:

  • Sherlock Cluedo
  • 2 Star Trek Into Darkness 2014 Calendars
  • A wall clock with pictures of Benedict on the face. You can easily change these to your choice of pics. Full instructions enclosed! I’ll include a few extras as shown to get you started. Clock battery  (AA) not included due to postage restrictions on batteries.
  • 2 copies of (British) GQ (Ben on cover!)
  • 1 Copy of Time Magazine (Ben on cover!)
  • 1 copy of The Lady Magazine (Guess who on cover!)
  • 1 Star Trek Khan #1 Comic (Retailer incentive cover)
  • 1 Star Trek Khan #2 Comic (Regular cover with white overlay, means you get Paul Shipper’s lovely artwork unimpeded by text!
  • 1 copy of TV and Satellite Weekly with Sherlock on the cover and a feature inside.
  • 1 copy of The Big Issue (yep, Ben on cover)
  • 1 A5 Spiral bound note book with London Underground map cover

And here is how the prize packages will break down:

  1. First prize will get Sherlock Cluedo, TV and Satellite Weekly Mag, plus one other magazine of your choice.
  2. Second prize will get a Star Trek calendar, both Khan comics, plus one magazine of your choice from what’s left.
  3. Third prize will get the wall clock, plus a magazine of your choice from what’s left.
  4. Fourth prize will get a Star Trek calendar,plus a magazine of your choice from what’s left.
  5. Fifth prize will get the London Underground map notebook and the remaining magazine after the others have chosen.

Now here is the boring bit…

  • You must be following me, because this is a “thank you” designed specifically for my followers. I will be checking.
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • Only reblogs will count. You can like the post for your own information, but it won’t get you an entry unless you reblog it too. Only 1 reblog is necessary to enter you in the drawing. You may reblog this as many times as you like, but it won’t increase your chances of winning. And please don’t spam your followers until they get sick of you.
  • I reserve the right to make any changes to these rules if I’ve  forgotten anything. I will reblog if I make changes.
  • Your ask box must be open and you must be willing to provide me with your name and address if you win, so that I can send your prizes to you.
  • I will make reasonable attempts to contact winners within 48 hours, but if I don’t hear back from you in that time, your prize may be allocated to someone else.
  • I will ship anywhere in the world, but you may be liable for your own country’s import taxes.
  • Winners will be picked at random, either by a random number generator, or by pulling names out of a hat/bag/box. (My eldest daughter will do this. She has no idea who any of you are so your urls mean nothing to her.)
  • Winners may choose a lower prize than the one allocated but not a higher one.
  • The giveaway is underway immediately this post goes live. It will run until 31st January 2014
  • Prizes will be shipped out in early February 2014. (I appreciate that means a month of the calendar will be gone already (and it’s Khan for January!) but you can always chop a page off and use him for another month… or all year if you like!

So there you go. I may add more things as this goes along. And tomorrow I will replace the photo of the wall clock with one that doesn’t have a reflection in it.

01.01.14: Edit - new pic of clock (with slightly less reflection) added.

09.01.14 Edit: If this reaches 1000 notes/reblogs I might add another prize. Maybe a copy of The Big Issue and something else.

16.01.14 Edit - yay. reached 1000 notes overnight. Have added a copy of The Big Issue, plus an A5 Spiral bound notebook with a London Underground map cover. (Showing Baker Street!). Photos updated!

30.01.14 One more day folks. Then the drawing will take place over the weekend. Bear in mind I’m also moving house this weekend, so don’t panic if you don’t hear from me straight away! I might have no proper internet service (or time) until Monday!

Sorry but I can’t stop staring at the positioning of the hands on the cock. I mean clock, clock.

I had to be very careful refitting them after putting the picture in! LOL